Published on 11 March 2014
Written by Martin Taylor



Located: Mozambique is situated on the east coast of Africa between the latitudes of 11° and 26° S and longitude 30° and 40° E. It has an extensive coastline of 2 500 km.

Neighbouring countries: Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Area: 799 380 km2  of which 13 000kmis water. It is the 16th largest country in Africa.

Climate: The south tends to be drier and cooler than the north. 

Political status: Multi-party democracy with the ruling party being Frelimo (2014).

Population: 23 million based on a 2010 estimate

Life expectancy: 48

Capital: Maputo (population 1.9 million including neighbouring Matola)

Other main towns: Nampula (535 000), Beira (450 000), Chimoio (260 000), Nacala City (220 000), Quelimane (205 000)

Economy: Predominantly subsitence agriculture although this is rapidly changing with the exploitation of mineral resources

GDP: Us $ 900 per capita (2009); annual growth of 2.5%

Languages: The official language is Portueguese. In addition 40 indigenous languages are spoken with Macua (24%), Sena (11%) and Tsonga (11%) being used. 

Religion: 52% of the population is Christian with 28% Muslim (predominantly in the north)

Currency: metical (Mt)

National airline: Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique. Airports with scheduled direct international connections are in Maputo, Vilankulo and Pemba.

International telephone code: +258

Time: GMT +2

Electrical voltage: 220V, 50Hz

Weights and measures: Metric


Mozambique ladies walking to fetch water


Mozambican ladies that are colourfully dressed and on their way to collect water.


Chissibuca town sign


Numerous small towns and villages may be found along all the major travel routes throughout Mozambique.


Mozambican Cattle Herder


A Mozambican herder leading his cattle to the daily grazing grounds. Most agriculture is subsistance based.


Colourful Street Markets in Mozambique


Colourful street markets in most small towns and villages offer clothing, fruit and vegetable products for sale.


Dawn over Mozambique


Mozambique has a wide diversity of habitats that makes for excellent birding where many highly sought after species may be found.