Published on 19 August 2013
Written by Martin Taylor

Associação Ambiente, Conservação e Educação Moçambique

AACEM is a bird conservation orientated organisation based in Maputo, Mozambique. By focusing on birds, and the sites and habitats on which they depend, AACEM is working to improve the quality of life of birds, biodiversity and people.

AACEM aims are to:
  • Prevent extinction of any bird species.
  • Maintain and where possible improve the conservation status of all bird species.
  • Conserve and improve and enlarge sites and habitats that are important for birds.
  • Help, through using birds, to conserve biodiversity and to improve the quality of people's lives.
  • Integrate bird conservation into sustaining peoples livelihoods.
Avitourism vision:

To help to develop Mozambique into the world's leading birding destination for the benefit of birds, their habitats and communities through responsible avitourism.

As AACEM, we will achieve this by developing a network of birding sites as a product that will focus on:

  • Creating opportunities for local communities to become involved in the tourism economy and conservation action.
  • Providing resources and information to the birding community.
  • Developing partnerships in order for AACEM to be a structure for conservation, local guides and accredited tourism products.
  • Creating partnerships with local stakeholders to provide birding experiences.
  • Training and developing local guides who will operate throughout the country with a focus on developing skills and business opportunities for Mozambican society.
  • Providing a professional travel service to national and international users.
  • Marketing avitourism in Mozambique at a national and international level for the benefit of all the stakeholders.
  • Ensuring that the products used and promoted are socially, environmentally and economically responsible.

For additional information, go to Facebook group (BIRDS MOZAMBIQUE)


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Contact details
Morris Ngwenyama
AACEM Project Manager
Mobile: +258 825659897
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